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GREEN TEA, THE WOODSMAN, COCOA BUTTER, ORANGE BUTTER, MACHO and try our newest scent, DIRTY HIPPIE  -We had so many requests for PATCHOULI and here it is!!!

Five very different scents: Green Tea has a mild tea aroma; The Woodsman is made especilly for men and has a musky, woodsy fragrance that will remind you of the outdoors; Macho is another very male fragrance that is the Abercromie and Fitch scent; Cocoa Butter is just that - cocoa butter! Orange Butter has a delicious citrus aroma that is sure to please.


Hold the lotion bar in your hands to get heat from your body. Then rub it on your skin and feel the lotion smooth even the roughest skin on heels, elbows and knees. Use on your whole body!

Ingredients: Candelilla, cocoa butter, olive oil, fragrance oil

Size:  2 ounces


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