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About Us

We are a mother and daughter who started our business in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York State and have now relocated to New Bern, North Carolina. We will continue to provide quality products to our customers from our new location.

Our handmade vegan soaps are made in small 2 -5 pound batches. This allows us to perfect each bar.

We use the cold processing method for making our products because it is much better for your skin. Commercial soaps remove the glycerin which is a natural skin emollient. Therefore commercial soaps are very harsh and drying to the skin.

The cold processing method allows us to choose the natural oils and any fragrances we use. 

We only use high quality ingredients. We do not use animal products and none of our ingredients have been tested on animals.

If palm oil is used, it is certifiably sustainable. We are long-time animal lovers and protectors of the environment! 

All of our products are personally created, made and labeled by our own hands.  We use recycled material for wrapping as much as possible.

A note for soap users: Handmade soaps do best if they are kept dry between uses. Never allow your special soap bar to sit in water, it will last longer if kept dry. 

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